TSS Historical Reprints

Natural History of Texas Caves

Ernest L. Lundelius and Bob H. Slaughter, eds.

2014 (reprint, first published 1971).
Texas Speleological Survey, Reprint 1. 174 pp. New color cover.

Rhadine Beetle from a Uvalde Cave, Photo Jean Krejcea - click for a larger image in a new window                 
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  • Cave and Karst Regions of Texas
    A. Richard Smith
  • Vertebrate Remains in Texas Caves
    E. L. Lundelius, Jr., and Bob H. Slaughter
  • Texas Clastic Cave Sediments
    R. Frank
  • The Invertebrate Fauna of Texas Caves
    R. W. Mitchell and James E. Reddell
  • Fishes of Texas Caves
    Clark Hubbs
  • Ezell's Cave: 1870-1970
    W. K. Davis
  • Herpetology of Texas Caves
    Gerald G. Raun
  • Avian Biology and Texas Caves
    J. Alan Feduccia
  • Use of Texas Caves by Terrestrial Mammals
    Arthur H. Harris
  • Bats of Texas Caves
    Robert L. Packard and Tony R. Mollhagen
  • Archaeology of Texas Caves
    D. S. Dibble and R. K. Alexander
  • Potential Hazards to Investigators of Bat Inhabited Caves
    S. Edward Sulkin and Rae Allen
  • An Ecological Reflection on Cave Conservation
    Frederick R. Gehlbach
  • Tales of Caves and Men
    Lynett Anderson, Reed Hoover, and Ronald Ritchie
  • The Texas Speleological Association
    Pete Lindsley and Rex Shepherd