The TSS is a project recognized by the National Speleological Society (NSS). Each year, the TSS submits a report of activities to the NSS Research Advisory Committee and a listing for the NSS directory. What follows is the most current report. Please note that some details may be out of date; for current information (e.g. contacts, publications), use the appropriate link above.


The Texas Speleological Survey had another active year (2018) of collecting and assessing Texas cave data. One of our main activities has been continued preparation for moving to our new headquarters facility, the Texas Speleology Center (TSC) which also serves the Texas Cave Management Association (TCMA) and the Association for Mexican Cave Studies (AMCS). The 5-acre property has a building well suited for use as a library, office, and meeting facility and also has a large outbuilding for workshops or other caver events. Currently some remodeling and repairs are underway at the new facility and we plan to complete our move by the end of 2019. We are also close to closing the sale on another piece of property owned by the TSS to complete our funding of the new facility.

The TSS has continued to fulfill data requests from various entities who seek information about cave and karst features in regions of interest and the TSS also has been working to establish agreements to exchange and gather new cave and karst data. Several new publications are in progress and the TSS will be publishing “The Caves of Government Canyon”, in early 2019. Our catalogue currently offers 38 publications and our archives contain records of more than 6200 caves with 2300 maps. The 15-member (volunteer) Board of Directors meets three times a year. For more information or to contact us, visit


Founded in 1961 in support of research, exploration, education, and conservation, the Texas Speleological Survey (TSS) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to the preservation and management of Texas cave data. To further its primary mission of collecting, documenting, and disseminating cave data in all media, the TSS actively solicits donations from cavers, consultants, and works with federal, state, and municipal agencies. Affiliated with the Texas Natural Science Center, the TSS has its office and library at The University of Texas at Austin, including extensive cave and map files, a reference and lending library containing materials of all types, and an in-house electronic database of over 14,700 items, available for searching both text-based and array-map reports on Texas cave areas. In service to the Texas caving community, the TSS website hosts TexBib, TSS' bibliographic database for Texas caves, caving, and cave science, currently containing over 13,500 bibliographic entries dating from 1866 to the present; it also offers free downloads of Walls Cave Survey Data Management software and WallsMap - GIS Viewer and Shapefile Editor. TSS maintains an active publication program, now offering more than 3,500 pages and 2,300 maps (with more in press). New publications and CD reprints are on sale at the website or available for free digital download. For more information, write the TSS at PRC 176/R4000, The University of Texas at Austin, TX 78712-1100, or go to for information and sales. Or you may contact the President Joe Mitchell at 210-859-2105 in San Antonio, Texas.