Texas Speleological Survey: A Comprehensive Listing

TSS’s history of publishing is as old as the organization. After the TSS was founded in 1960, Reddell and Russell published a 13-page checklist of 659 caves -- our first landmark publication. Over the subsequent years, the TSS has published and continues to publish many reports on the caves and karst of Texas. Past editors for TSS publications include James R. Reddell, A. Richard Smith, Ronald G. Fieseler, William R. Elliott, Jim Kennedy, Jerry Atkinson, Kevin Stafford, and Andy Gluesenkamp.

At times, collecting cave data occupied more of TSS’s attention than publishing, such as in the era of Central Texas’ rapid urban development in the 1980s and early 1990s. TSS focused on making sure that information on the Texas underground did not disappear into the files of government agencies and private developers, and that caves and cave locations were preserved in the name of groundwater and species protection. That data is today in the TSS database, with various reports by government and private entities with which TSS directors and supporters worked are carefully shelved in the TSS library.

The TSS’s own publication programs restarted in earnest in the mid-1990s. The TSS currently has three publication series as well as many types of special publications. TSS Bulletins are reports on caves and karst regions in Texas, TSS Monographs are major scientific works on Texas karst, including reformatted and quality-printed dissertations and theses, and the Karst Awareness and Education Series offer texts intended for a more general public.

Return to the Publications page for current availability. Many out-of-print volumes have been replaced by facsimile reprints (as “Historical Reprints” or as free downloads from tthat page. A few items have restricted sales because of legal and conservation issues associated with them; the TSS reserves the right not to provide these publications, but individuals may file data requests for them (use the links above).

    KARST AWARENESS/EDUCATION SERIES (publications for general audiences)
    • Kevin W. Stafford with Katherine Arens. 2014. Karst of the Urban Corridor: Bell, Bexar, Comal, Hays, Travis, and Williamson Counties. 114 pp. (more)

    BULLETINS (area surveys and guides; further information)
    • 1. James R. Reddell, William R. Elliott, and A. Richard Smith. 1999 (second edition). A Field Guide to the Caves of Blanco, Gillespie, and Llano Counties, Texas. (more)
    • 2. James R. Reddell. 2001. Caves of the Lampasas Cut Plain. TSS Bulletin 2. 64 pp, 57 caves, 83 shelters, 28 rumors, 20 maps. (more)
    • 3. Gerald Atkinson. 2002. Caves of Burnet County, Texas . TSS Bulletin 3. 96 pp + 3 pocket maps; 76 caves,19 features, 7 rumors, 48 maps. (more)
    • 4. Gerald Atkinson. 2004. Caves and Pseudokarst of East Texas. TSS Bulletin 4. 26 pp, 16 caves, 6 shelters/features, 14 rumors, 1 man-made, 5 maps/ (more)
    • 5. Gerald Atkinson. 2006. The Caves of Sutton County, Texas. TSS Bulletin 5. 85 pp, 49 caves, 11 features, 14 rumors, 35 maps, 4 pp. color photos. (more)
    • 6. Gerald Atkinson. 2011. The Caves and Karst of Kickapoo Cavern State Park. TSS Bulletin 6. 58 pp, 22 caves, 6 features, 23 maps. Color photos. (more)
    • 7. Marvin Miller (Government Canyon Survey Project), ed. 2018. The Caves of Government Canyon.. TSS Bulletin 7. 145 pp. ISBN 978-0-9906938-2-6. (more).

    • IN ASSOCIATION with the Texas Natural Science Center: George Veni. The Caves of Bexar County (2nd edition). (PDF)

    MONOGRAPHS (scientific series; further information)
    • 1. George Veni. Geomorphology, Hydrogeology, Geochemistry, and Evolution of the Karstic Lower Glen Rose Aquifer, South-Central Texas. TSS Monograph 1. 410 pp. (more)
    • 2. MaryLynn Musgrove. 2009. Temporal Links Between Climate and Hydrology: Insights From Central Texas Cave Deposits and Groundwater. TSS Monograph 2. 190 pp. (more)
    • 3. Kevin W. Stafford and George Veni, eds. 2018. Hypogene Karst of Texas. TSS Monograph 3. (Open Access Download PDF.)

    HISTORICAL REPRINTS TSS SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS (not numbered; varied topics; further information)
    • TSS Map Collection (digital download). Contains over 1766 cave maps from 56 Texas counties, plus a spreadsheet index.

    • Ronald G. Fieseler and Michael Moody. 1967. The Cave of Denton County. 5 pp., 1 cave, 1 map. (PDF)
    • William R. Elliott and George Veni. 1994. The Caves and Karst of Texas. NSS Convention Guide. 342 pp . + viii + 12 pp of folded maps in pocket, 114 photographs (plus color covers), 30 illustrations and graphs; 107 cave maps, 179+ cave descriptions, descriptions and maps of 35 significant bat caves. LC Catalog Number 94-66893, ISBN (paperbound) 1-879961-04-0. (more)
      **Download sample Chapters here!
    • Carl E. Kunath. 1995. The Caves of Carta Valley. 109 pp., 43 caves, 1 feature, 43 maps. (more)
    • William H. Russell and Thomas R. Costello. The Caves of the Mount Vernon and Livingston Quadrangles, Kentucky. 1962. 12 pp. (PDF)

    (varied topics; may be available by special request; further information):
    • James R. Reddell, William R . Elliott, and A . Richard Smith. 1989 (first edition). A Field Guide to the Caves of Blanco, Gillespie, and Llano Counties, Texas. 58 caves, 40 features, 36 rumors, 41 maps. 134 pp.
    • William R. Elliott. 1985. A Field Guide to the Caves of Kendall County. 1985. 223 caves, 67 maps. 143 pp.
    • Ronald G. Fieseler, James Jasek, and Mimi Jasek. 1978. An Introduction to the Caves of Texas. NSS Convention Guide, 1978. 117 pp.
    • Carl E. Kunath. 1978. The Caves of McKittrick Hill, Eddy County, New Mexico. 87 pp. (PDF